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Eggs from dancing chickens?

Jan 26th, 2014 by kris | 0

Eggs from dancing chickens? They are tastier than you can imagine!!
All manner of egg sizes, brown and white, cage free and organic are available at Glaum Egg Ranch up Valencia Rd a mile, across Freedom Blvd from Sand Rock Farm.
Glaum 1
Since the first Glaum in the business built a model “Poultry Farm” in Nebraska in the 1920’s to today’s Glaum Egg Ranch in Aptos, California, the Glaum family has been caring for chickens and the eggs they lay.
Glaum 3
80 years of egg ranching in one family is quite a record. What is more amazing is that the family founder’s ideas and inventions for chicken and egg production are still in use today by many egg ranchers across the country.
Glaum 2
Chickens roam free, dust bathing eating a healthy diet with no animal protein, hormones or antibiotics. The Glaums are registered growers, the first egg ranch in California to be Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and USDA Organic.

The Glaums guarantee every egg they produce. Eggs are delivered to over 500 Northern California markets, restaurants and bakeries between 24 and 48 hours after being laid by Glaum cool trucks,

And, what about the Dancing Chickens, you ask????

Marvin Glaum, (the founder’s youngest son, second generation) invented the Egg Vending Machine. You may come to the ranch, insert Three dollars and receive a flat of eggs.
egg vendor
CLICK* to watch video
Not satisfied to just deliver eggs from a vending machine, Marvin decided to entertain the customer. After depositing your money, and receiving your eggs, a curtain rises and a dozen animated chickens prance around doing a chicken like dance to appropriate chicken like music. The chickens all sport seasonal and holiday garb, regularly changed, created by one of the third generation Glaum daughters.

Children and adults alike come to buy some eggs and watch the chickens dance. I come to buy the eggs.!

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